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Yeah so it's been a bit of a bother to figure out what this years gingerbread creation was to be. I've made a truck, a lighthouse, a watermill and a vikingship previous years, so this year I was actually set on making a Swiss chalet. But then I figured that it would probably be quite boring, so I wanted to make a train.
But it's going to be a rocket. A spacerocket, a really plump one. Sooo-- I actually put it together last night, but I haven't decorated it yet. We'll see. 

In other news I'm listening to the new The Killers album "Day & Age". Err.. It's definitely different, that's for sure. They have found a new sound indeed. But if it works for sure I'll have to evaluate for a bit longer... Same goes for the new Razorlight album "Slipway Fires" which I think is just plain dull and also quite boring, but maybe it grows on me. Obviously I'm listening to Travis' "Ode to J. Smith" as well (which is their newest) but I have no clear opinion on that yet either. But new music is freshy-fresh, so maybe it'll be cool in the end. Who knows?!

Anyway, how are you?


replica said...

I definitely dig Day and Age, but it's one of those albums you have to listen to several times to fully appreciate, this especially goes for tracks like This is your Life and Joy Ride, whilst other songs such as Human and Spaceman are more easily appreciated. I've listened to it on repeat almost constantly for a bit over a week now and it's definitely an improvement over Sams Town and on par with Hot Fuss, or at least that's my opinion.

How I am? If I told you that, the admins might have to kill me for excessive swear word usage. Almenn påbygg is fucking shit. I loathe it with every fibre of my being. *shake fist*

Audun said...

Oh, I did that too. Except I did it on a private school, because I like student loans.

What thingamajig did go to originally then?

Also, I want to know what you don't like about almenn påbygg. At least in a condensed version. I quite enjoyed my year at Bjørknes, but I'm a school geek, mortal rules of joy does not apply to me.

Tora said...

Wow! Finally someone who actually replies to what I have to say about music! Thank j0!

Hot Fuss is my favourite from The Killers, but that's just me. I have a thing for "On Top" and "Believe Me Natalie", it has become compulsive now.

I'm following your advice and listening to Day & Age again!

I hated Allmenn seriously. It's shit. Be thankful you don't have to do it for three years. Good luck! You show them bastards!

Foss said...

Someone needs to tell Brandon that human and dancer are not mutually exclusive. I've known at least three people that were both.

Tora said...

Yeah, we should call him or something. But I suppose we'll make ourselves busy if we are to hunt down logical flaws in music lyrics.

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