I know that nobody likes my music posts, but I can't consider everyone else all the time!
GO listen! 

Oh, and this youtube comment was kind of funny:


Audun said...

I like your musix posts, I just can't come up with anything to write. And that was a funny comment.

Foss said...

I like your music posts too. And I want to comment, but then I listen to the music and I end up thinking about stuff instead of commenting. That's a compliment to your post, though. Like, your musix made me think so much that I couldn't write anything, because I was thinking about other stuff.

Except for that time you posted Rhinestone Cowboy. That just made me want to choke on my own puke. So don't do that again.

Shit off.


No, shit off.

Tora said...

hahaha, Rhinestone Cowboy XDXDXD how did you make that up? Is that even a BAND?

Tora said...

Oh - it's a song. Right

Foss said...

Wasn't originally by Hasslehoff, so FUCK YOU for finding that version.

Back to Beasts though. I love LG, the reverb is usually cheesy as hell but it really suits this song. The other songs remind me of a cross between Jet and the Beatles for some reason. Not sure why. Not bad though. Not great, but not bad. I guess that means between good and average.

Have you seen my glasses?

Audun said...
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Audun said...

Yes, I thought of Beatles too. The guitar-play maybe?

You left your glasses at my place so I gave them to that shark with a friggin lazer on his head.

Tora said...

I heard someone say "... you see, I've had a few glasses--" and then the person smashed into a car and got hit by a mixmaster, I doubt your glasses are in one piece, Foss!

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