And like eleven pints of grog

What exactly is grog? I don't think I've ever understood what it is. Is it some kind of drink? Grog must be the ever expanding mass of discomfort that fills your body up to your eyes when you're hungover. That's where the term groggy comes from. That's what I think.

I was at Ulrik's place last night, had a laugh with the guys (or some of the guys), they had beer and I had bitchpop and snap n' crackle. Had a great time actually! But ended up crashing there and sat chatting until 5:30 in the morning. I arrived at work one and a half hours ago. Meaning I've slept about three hours last night.

So I can't help feeling the grog rushing around my system like poison, my eyes are bloodshot and I think my coordination is affected by the grog as well. Gheurgh. It is the reason why I get hangover so easily, the second I don't get enough sleep I know I'm going to feel like shit the next morning. In combination with loads of sugar and alcohol - hangovers tend to be rather brutal with me.

But right now it's just grog. Too much grog. Grog and ... Grog. Can't even be creative, it is the grog. Preferably spelled with an h. Grogh. Could be an artist's name, Van Grogh. But it isn't. It is just liquid evil.


Audun said...

Shiver me timbers, we be needin' more grog!

Ulrik said...

The Blackwater Boys - All for me grog


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