Happy new year!

This is another picture I took in Portugal, it is my sister in the corner there. I love this picture, the mood is fairytale-like.
In other news, happy new year! I don't have the time to write you another ridiculously strange post about nothing in particular, because I am writing a novel and my last will and testament. Not because I am expecting to die, but because if you are not prepared - how are you supposed to live? Enough about life and death, have some biscuits!


Ulrik said...


In other news, I have no biscuits, but I do have very good home made pizza.

Have you ever thought about that "snøvling" is a really fun word?

Anonymous said...

Godt nytt år Tora!!
Dette bildet er vel ikke tatt på Sintra vel? Jeg vet at Sigrid snakket om at dere skulle dit.
Hilser fra alle her i Trondheim.
Tante Bister

Tora said...

Joda, det er fra Sintra! Godt nyttår til deg og dere alle også kjære tante!

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