Do you ever feel cursed by creativity? Ever? Right now I feel like every day is too short, there is so much I need to do! "The Scientist" is getting along very well, in addition I'm learning "Bella's Lullaby" from Twilight (I know! *giggles*) and obviously "Comptine d'un autre été l'apres midi." That is one of my favourite piano pieces of all time! (But right now it's killing my right hand, I think it just might be too small for hitting keys with seven keys in-between! So I am taking a break - by typing vigorously on my keyboard).

Anyway I have a whole ceiling I need to plaster with more drawings and I need to finish all the stories I'm writing and I want to finish that program I'm programming and create a youtube make-up channel for insane transvestite-looks and you know -- everything! And I have many CD's I need to burn, but this piano is currently taking up so much time. I've been sitting here by it for three hours today. If I had only been this dedicated when I first started playing the piano aaages ago - then I could've drawn a drawing right now, or written a novel! Damnit!

In other news, what's up? I am trapped in my own insane head and it's driving me crazy because time is flashing by like days in milliseconds!

Edit: I just remembered that I used to be able to play "Ballade Pour Adeline" like really well. *snort* But it's all gone now!


ZenUlrik said...

Chill out! It seems you are the one in need of putting more wood on your inner campfire. But not to worry! Take a day off and go out in fresh air up in the mountains or at least Marka, listening to the silence and watch natures beauty. This really works. Bring tea (the proper type) and a friend, it'll help you gather energy to do all the things you want to do. Like playing the piano! Nice! Keep it up :)

In other news, what is up? Well nothing is up ofc. This is Norway. In January. What do you expect?!

Tora said...


Ulrik said...

Because you're weird, lonely, have nothing to do but is kinda talented so you trick yourself into believing you can become a new Mozart?

That was really cruel btw. Oh well, life's short, then you die. Of seasnakes.

Audun said...

Keep plucking that piano, you'll never regret spending time learning musixs.

Foss said...

That's awesome. Sometimes I get like that with the guitar, and it can lead to some of the best LEARNINGS.

If I have one piece of advice for you, it's "don't get frustrated with yourself".

When I'm trying to learn a new sequence of stringtwangs, but I can't get it, the best thing is to leave the guitar alone for 30 minutes and go do something else. Like washing up, or spinning in a circle. Then go back to it and try again.

If I get frustrated with guitar skillz, it just makes it worse and I keep playing the wrong stuff. Then I get pissed off and shout at myself "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! FAIL". I grit my teeth, my hands start shaking, my eyes turn green, I start roaring, my body increases in size, my skin starts to resemble lime peel, I burst my clothes and go on a rampage destroying most of Manhattan.

Then I wake up naked in a forest and have to start all over again.

Audun said...

I hate it when that happens.

Anonymous said...

Bake a cake, or make some food. (I made the most brilliant pasta with scampi, and chili,and sugar peas the other day.)
You can`t play with an empty stomack. Then go back to the piano.
Tante Bister.
I could play "Ballade pour Adeline" to, once....

Tora said...

Yeah I got the notes from morfar, so they probably belonged to you once, Tante Bister :)

I hardly ever do anything on an empty stomach :) I don't think it ever is empty.

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