This beautiful freeware program called paint.net (which can be found, ironically - at www.paint.net or www.getpaint.net) is a fabulously liberating application. It's user interface is simple and has followed every rule of intuitive learning. In other words - easy as peas to use and learn how to use. The program is in itself is like a soft blend of PhotoShop and MS Paint, simplified, but brilliantly creative and inviting. I am actually impressed by it's strength and professional options considering it is free.

If you are an experienced computer artist that swear to applications like PhotoShop, Gimp or CorelDraw-- you might find paint.net to be a little retarded. But compared to other freeware paint programs (like Rita) paint.net is exquisite and simply a jewel. It's great for random doodling, clipboard activities, detailed drawings or even light photo manipulation! Look at this for example:

Just a regular photo:

A few clicks in paint.net:

Both effective and impressive! (Look at the eye, seriously - it only took a second using one of the effects!) I am baffled and pleased. Paint.net and I, we shall be friends.


replica said...

Pfffft, Photoshop for the immediate win.

Foss said...


Although paint.net is pretty good. Boss uses it in lieu of a real photo editing program :)

Audun said...

Well your boss sucks.
Jonathan, you're a suck.

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