In the Twilight

I'm really sorry, but Twilight really struck a nerve with me. My forever-seventeen-hopelessly-I-believe-in-love-and-romance-nerve, I believe only girls have it. And misunderstand me right, right? The film's cheesy and the filming is so awkward and badly cut together it sometimes made my jaws drop. Someone should've done the make-up less cakey and the screenplay should've been written differently (some lines were so unnatural they didn't even make sense). But apart from this (and some other minor, annoying things) this film was like the perfect romantic fairytale and made my heart wiggle around my chest like a happy little fairy. Or at least my FSHIBILR-Nerve wiggled.

That, and - "Cedric Diggory" (Robert Pattinson) really IS good looking. I mean, DANG - I have to eat my own hat off for this. he's a little average looking, like he's handsome in a generic way, but he's definitely got a twinkle in his eye that I DON'T like! It is much like Jude Law's twinkle, inappropriately attractive.

I guess the electrifyingly good chemistry between the leads was really the only good thing about this film. But then, I wouldn't necessarily demand more than that to like it. If only just an incy-wincy bit. Actually I saw this at the premiere, with Audun - and there were lots of girls screaming almost whenever Pattinson appeared on screen, which was hilarious and deafening at the same time! Like a flock of birds screeching over a fishing boat.

The acting of Jackson Rathbone was incredible, pure genius, he looked as if he had a carrot up his bum the entire film. Great! Had me in stitches. (It was the point though, he had to look as if he was restraining himself and being in pain - at once).


Audun said...

I quite agree. I don't know exactly what to make of the film, I like romance but I think you describe it nicely with your forever-seventeen thing, it wasn't quite my bag of tea.

And I see you've got yourself a new photo for teh blog, mildly inspired by the film. Nice:)

Tora said...

Actually I took it ages ago, and my old one needed replacement!

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