My piano!

Oy I got my beautiful keyboard back! My stunning Roland FP-3 Piano! And Skjalg carried it up to my attic room for me, so I can play it whenever I want! Actually I've been thinking about it for a long time, and now I finally have it here! Being overwhelmed with excitement, I just jumped right into it and relearned "Feel" by Robbie Williams, so I can play it properly again. I had to do it by ear, but it's strange how the brain works - sometimes when I was in doubt of a transition I could just play the first bit and my hand would just hop right to the correct place. Still took me ages, but feels great to have brought it back after neglecting it for so long.

Seeing I was so inspired I also learnt "The Scientist" by Coldplay from a youtube tutorial, but I must admit I can't play it that well yet. But we'll see! Next I want to learn some Keane songs. And a happy piano song, like saloon style, or a jazz riff. And obviously I want to learn a cocktail party small-talk, mingle-mood, half-jazzy piano rape. You know when a white-haired man in a tux just lets his fingers tickle the piano to create this relaxed background-noise that really sets the voice-lever of everybody to 1.5 above comfortable, but it's not a problem - because all the women are wearing slim-fit dresses, which means that their voices are naturally pitched to "despair-and-torture-of-sequin-and-champagne". If I write my own background-jazzy-piece, I'll call it that. I think it is a fitting title.

Anyway. Cimcim, mushimushi! (And it is so mild in Oslo!)
(Note: I also learned how to play Curves (see previous post), it took me about five seconds, as it is basically just the repitition of two notes, but now I know how - and it's still a beautiful song).


Audun said...


Last night I saw a remake of Lost! featuring Jay-Z. That was really depressive.

Foss said...

Youtube or it didn't happen

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