Soneera, based on a dream

I have yet again started to write a new book, which is terrible of me. It is a fairytale that I dreamt the other night, I just wanted to write it down as soon as possible, because I was afraid to lose the essence of it. Right? Working title is Soneera, which is a Sanskrit name that means "Clear Water" at least according to the internet. It is very much a fairytale, but also very much arabian nights and a little pshychedelic magic. Whoopdedoo!

As usual, music is playing a big part in this. While my other story P Lot was based on the song "Eve" by Emancipator, and AGXH-3 was based on "Being Bad Feels Really Good" by Does it Offend you Yeah? Soneera is based on "Curves" by Røyksopp and the soundtrack of Saawariya. It will be interesting to see how long this story will be actually, because technically my dream only lasted a couple of seconds.

Curves by Røyksopp:


Souper_Saiyan said...

Wow. I stumbled upon your blog by finding out that one of the videos I posted on youtube ended up on your blog. But then I read your main blog, and I realize that you're truly creative. Interesting reads you've published. :)

What other Royksopp songs do you like?

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