Sometimes I feel like there's not enough glitter in my life, or like there never really can be enough glitter either. 

We were out last night, so I've been fragile and a little reduced all day - but I got to see "Saawariya" again, so it was great, really! Just during the past months I've become more and more of a total Bollywood fan, I'm always searching for new, fun bollywood songs on youtube, or a good film on imdb. Even right now I'm listening to "My Dil Goes Hmm..." from the film "Salaam Namaste", it's terrible! Gosh, ever heard such a ridiculous song your entire life? Yeah? It means "My Heart Goes Hmm..." and it's horrible, it's just that it's so incredibly catchy.

I can't stop humming that song! Aaah! Still I don't want to see "Salaam Namaste" though, it looks lousy - especially in comparison to "Saawariya".  It doesn't look that esthetically appealing, where's the glitter, man?!

The glitter!

I'm on my third version of my romantic fairytale Soneera, I just never seem to get it right! But at the moment I'm extremely pleased, it's taking a popculture-tainted, dwelling atmosphere turn that I find appealing.


Anonymous said...

I remember waking up after a night in the russebuss, all covered in glitter. EVERYWHERE... I thik maybe it was Martin who did it.. yes, was probably him.. Everyone was covered in glitter really.

I mean, who sells a salt shaker style glitter box to you? Who would do that? :P Well, it was pretty atleast, have to admit that. I have never been so shiny in my entire life!

Too lazy to log in, Hansemann.

Foss said...

Gary Glitter is a paedo, and "My Dil Goes Hmm" sounds rude.

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