Spam and hair

Do any of you get those spam-letters from Danish-sex-short stories.dk? I'm just asking, for no particular reason. Or, because I get them on my hotmail sometimes. I think the correct address is danskesexnoveller.dk, or something, you can't really be sure with those danes. (To make it more confusing, the word for short story is "novelle" in Norwegian and in Danish).

It's hard to describe exactly how much fun it is to read the descriptions on those e-mails, because you've had to have heard Danish to understand what massive comedy potential it has. Everything sounds funny in Danish, I'm sure you could tell me I've got terminal herpes in Danish and I'd still laugh my ass off. I think erotic short stories has a lot of comedy potential in themselves actually, and then imagine them in Danish. Aaah, just the thought makes me laugh.

If I find one in my inbox again, I'll be sure to let you know. and maybe I'll dare to read it just to make my day. In other news - the Russian hairdresser that I pass on my way to school is always styling a wig whenever there's no customers there. And when I passed him the other morning - he had two customers, looked like mother and daughter. But the interesting thing here was that they all had the same haircut. The hairdresser, the mother, the daughter and the wig. They looked a bit like medevial troubadours. I wonder if they will go touring.

(I drew that sheep in paint, by the way. But it's all true, they cover it up, but it's the truth)


Audun said...

Danish is funny, but Danes are scary because I never understand what they say

Audun said...

I was at the gym just now, and the guy behind the counter was Danish instead of Swedish. He looked sort of un-Norwegian, so I automatically expected Swedish, since that's the trend among foreigners in gyms. But then he babbled his "aouuauauuauee i dæg?" and I realised he was a Dane.

Ulrik said...

I feel slightly offended by this post. DK<3!

Anonymous said...

You are scary tho Ulrik!

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