Tonight, at work

I told him about pans and about cauldrons and pots, and he asked politely and was curious about everything. When I stopped talking, he still wanted more - so he said, "tell me about pans." and I said -"What do you want to know about pans?" and he said "Everything." So I told him everything, or at least all that I know and all that I could think of. So I talked about the quality of different pans, and that after a while a teflon pan will wear off no matter what, that in the end it will start to shake off the teflon like dandruff, and that this is poisonous. he said -"The entire family's got green, festering boils all over, maybe it is time I get a new pan!" I hadn't caught him as a man with a sense of humour previously, but then he had only been my customer for five minutes. I remained serious and I said -"This often occurs, you better wash them all with salt and lemonjuice." Then we made jokes about high-fashion cooking and cuisine and how snotty it is. Then I told him about chicken and how to handle the chicken-pan ratio. He bought a good pan, but I wanted him to stay for a little longer, because tonight I was in the shop all by myself, and it was lonely.

In the sportswear shop I tried the pink skiing jumpsuit that is insanely awesome, and almost as good looking as the guy who works there. He offered me 30% off, but it is still shit expensive though. We then talked about snow and about snowboarding and he was really cool.


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