The Age of The Understatement

I finally pulled myself together and bought the album from "The Last Shadow Puppets" (from which we already know lead vocals Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys)). So yay!
Haven't listened quite enough to it yet, but I love it and everyone should get it - it's great. Lots of energy, wonderful lyrics - all in all a worthy and impressive production. Great stuffs!

It somehow has the air of a James Bond soundtrack, or maybe even a little hollywood-tex-mex -ish, funky really. it can stay beatles'ish slow paced for a bit, then it rocks out like it was 1989!

The track highlights are "The Age of The Understatement", "My Mistakes Were Made For You", "Time Has Come Again" and "The Meeting Place". At Least so far <3.


Witchieboobs said...

It's nice music. I really liked The Age of The Understatement especially. :)

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