Happy Birthday Hans-Jørgen

Lol! We went rollin' on ze bus, the Red Lion last night. It was actually kind of awesome, Eivind did a lot of homo-erotic things which made me temporarily deaf and blind. He also had my permanent marker taped to his hand and called himself "Edward Marker-hand". Hardcore. He actually did manage to pull some chick from some other bus, can't remember which, but I mean, yeah, sweet.

The weather is beaautiful, I was home at seven this morning so I only had time to run home, eat and put some more wool on (because even though it's sunny, it's getting colder - for some peculiar reason). Actually I woke up with my head on Hans-Jørgens behind :D

Anyway, I giggled like a little girl yesterday, must've been the icecream, because I usually don't giggle as much. The carpenters working on our house asked me about how late I was home this morning. Funneh!


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