Personal space

So speaking of personal space, of which I happen to have in an abudance - why in the first place would the concept of disliking the close approach of a fellow animal be uncomfortable? The phenomenon of personal space was introduced in a zoo, and naturally been a subject that could grope anyone into fascination, even of late. Obviously, it has to do with territory, but based on something primal, it now probably has more to do with precaution and intimacy than habitat.

For a long time (like let's see, yes! From way back in the grand Chinese emperors' time) it has been known that important, or famous people can feel all the more important and/or famous if they have larger personal space. Being untouchable is status.

According to our treasured Wiki, our personal space is breached if a stranger is closer than 70cm in front of you, 60cm on your sides - and stunning 40 cm behind you. This space is often called "the bubble".

Now, I think that most people feel that ones "bubble" shrink in proportion to how much one has had to drink. This only if some cheesy beaver has put alcohol in it, obviously. As water has little known effect on personal space, unless you are in a swimming pool - when which I can imagine, your bubble grows again. Taking a full bus somewhere, packed with people, more like "forces" you to wear a decreased bubble. Being naked or somewhere you've never been before often inflates the bubble furthermore. So let's test the idea.

Your name is Brian. Hello Brian. Brian has been drinking. You with me? And he is on a bus, naked, in a strange swimming pool. How big is your personal space?


Skjalg said...

...And how high on smoked stockings and bathed in Mongozo were we when writing this?

Tora said...

xirka tusen?

Audun said...


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