Russ - Knots

These are the knots for my hat that I've done so far. It's not really extremely impressive, but I'm working on it. There is aboslutely no point in being at school right now whatsoever, but I have to. The weather's beautiful, and all the Norwegians are getting happier by the minute, the trees are getting greener and there's flowers and birds. It's quite nice, it better not start snowing now. It can't start snowing, I refuse for it to start snowing.

1. Sit in a tree one hour before school starts.

2. Kiss a policeman.

3. Stay awake for 24 hours.

4. Sit underneath your desk for an entire lesson.

5. Sit with one finger in your ear for an entire lesson.

6. Buy drive-in food at McDonalds in a shopping cart.

7. Eat a hamburger in two bites. (puh)

8. Drive around a roundabout ten times.

9. Been to Tryvann.

10. Watched an episode of Postman Pat and had a sip each time he gears his car wrong.

11. Pink feather! oohoh000oohh!

And I just looove that pig! It's gorgeous!


Witchieboobs said...

Rimi-posen, that's the most important knot to get. If it's still around this year? :P

Foss said...

I'm guessing Elin got the pink feather at exactly the same time? :p

Tora said...

It's not, actually. And I wouldn't get it, even if it was!


Tora said...

.. I don't know <___<


Witchieboobs said...

They actually removed it? I never thought they would go that far! :o

And why wouldn't you get it if it was still around? I bet you would feel unique, as there is not that many who are cheap enough to get it :P

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