Feel free to pray for me

Tomorrow is my last written exam!

Wish me luck!

And, -- before you ask, -yes! That IS me dressed up as a Russian prostitute.

And no, it was in fact not for any special reason in particular. I believe we were just out for a walk and I wanted to stay warm.
Polka dots and fur is soo trendy.

EDIT: Also I'd really appreciate it if you could read this, and then tell me what you think? <3 (It's a good idea to read the first part first!)


replica said...

Ouch. So you're not affected by the teacher strikes? Shame.

But that's not what you want to hear before an exam. So.

I'm by far a Christian, in fact, I'm a hardcore atheist and believe that religion is bullshit. But I'll make a compromise. I'll pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster instead.

Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster. May your noodly appendage rest firmly upon Tora's exam-stressed head tomorrow, and may the same noodly appendage strangle the teacher if she/she/it gives Tora a bad grade on it.


What's your exam in, by the way?

Witchieboobs said...

I'll pray. Considering I'm a Christian, I'll rather pray to God than any Spaghetti or other kind of monster. :P

Tora said...

Thanks for your caring thoughts!

It's in Maths, 3MX :(

replica said...


That's like the most advanced maths class, isn't it?

*glad she's taking medier og kommunikasjon*

Well, good luck anyhow. :D

Audun said...

Good luck, 3MX is rolid.

Witchieboobs said...

3MX is hard. I considered myself pretty good, I didn't do better than 3 at the exam :<

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