Last night we went to Russens Dag (the Russ' day) at Tusenfryd, which is like the local theme park. In any logical sense of local - seeing it's an hour drive from the capital, but it's the only shit we've got. Right? So stick with me here.

For some peculiar reason (*cough*the police*cough*) Drikkepress arrived like almost two hours late, so we didn't really have a lot of time to swoosh around. But we did go on the bumper cars, which was supercool, and the dragon and the squid. The Dragon's the best, it was funky. We bought giant icecreams, and Elin had icecream on her nose, and we also had popcorn! Yay! Popcorn.

At the giant kransekake-house (which is a traditional, Norwegian, nutty-flavoured celebration cake (for christmas, weddings, confirmations, May 17th etc.) stacked as a round pyramid) we did the sinus, cosinus and tangens dance. It was geeky, but funky. We also met Iselin at the entrance, she is a childhood friend of mine, she's shy in the beginning, but I think she's about as crazy as the rest of us. She's also an excellent artist, you should see her stuff, it's wicked.

In the end everyone were kind of tired. The Red Lion (the lads' bus that we're occupying) won two awards on tuesday, including their schools' bus of the year and the nicest interior. Which they totally deserved, because they've done such nice stuff to it. But we're all ill or at least semi-ill after Lillehammer, so we weren't up for much of a party in the end, and we just went home. Iselin slept at mines, seeing she lives far away. I'd forgotten my keys, so I had to climb through my attic-window to get in! Today was such a beautiful morning, and I have fruit roll-ups from America that I'm going to surprise Elin with! :)

I'm in such an excellent mood!


Bekymret storesøster said...

Du KLATRET ikke inn loftsvinduet, vel?!! ^

Tora said...

eeh. Jo :(

Men vi har jo stilas da, Sigridmor!

Audun said...


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