Made in Italy

Remember when I was so excited about Giorgio Locatelli adding me as a friend on MySpace? Well you probably already know that my religious views are generally about food, and that I worship Gods like James Martin, Gordon Ramsay and the Goddess herself, Nigella Lawson. That in general I have the opinion that the way to a girls heart is usually through her stomach, and that there really isn't much of a party without butter.

Well I thought I might recommend some literature for you (not because I am obsessed with making you believe the same things as I do, or in any other way become convinced about the same things as myself. But simply I'd rather give you a tip for something nice to read. Honest).

In fact I gave this book to my aunt for her birthday - because hopefully she could treasure it as much as I do. It's very easy to read. It's packed with delightful stories that make you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy, accompanied with series of magical recipes and pictures that will make your mouth water. In many ways it's not the most practical cookbook, seeing it is rather great in size (not a monster of a book, but close) - but on the other hand it contains so much to know about olive oils, cheese, bread, prosciuttos, pasta, vegetables, ice creams - well, simply, everything.

Every now and then "Made in Italy" takes a short break from the informative side and has a little story about Locatellis life for you. Absolutely wonderful. I have had to restrain myself from devouring it instantly. In a lack of better words, this book is fantastic. I think you should read it.


9sse said...

I've eaten there! Good gracious! At Locanda Locatelli. Must've been back in '04 or something. Didn't remember untill I saw the location and pics of the resturant in my album :)
Very 1337 Tora! (especially time of posting :P)


Tora said...

OMG, you actually eaten at THE Locanda?


9sse said...

yeah.. kinda fail not to notice it's awesomeness untill now, but we generally never eat at places not on the michelin scale when in london anyway, so twas just another fancy resturant^^ As far as i reckon they had great pasta :)

Anonymous said...

Your aunt actually treasure this book already!!!! I read small bits of it every night in bed. And on beautifull saturday or sunday mornings, I read small bits for my loving Erik.
Tante Bister

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