Balls of Chewing gum!
New! 15,-
Kinder Country - with milk and cereals!
Kinder Maxi - more milk, less cocoa!
2 for 10,-
Offer only available for August

And that was the back of Donald Duck & Co #33 - 2007
Thank you for your attention.


Calu said...

I'll take that Kinder maxi thank you - damn best chocolate available..

*hyperventilates* mmhmm colestorol!

Tora said...


Smylexx said...
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Smylexx said...

Well that didnt work. I had a fabulous link to a really scary advert for Kinder which, as a tiny little dolphin, used to scare me silly!

Anyway, the link was too long or something so instead you'll just have to type in 'kinder' and 'chocadooby' into YouTube or something to see the horror for yourself.

The horror...the horror!

Audun said...
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Anonymous said...

Otto is in the house...
He sends his love to Cleo. (I`m sure he would, if he could).
Tante Bister

Tora said...

Thank you so much Tante Bister <3 I know she sends her love back, too!

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