Nailpolish, Sayonara Snoreway!

So it's nearly time to leave, so I have packed all the necessities,

1 passport
1 gay sparkly silver wig
1 sticky pink lipgloss
1 pink and runny Hello Kitty nailpolish

1 pair of firework-sparkly earrings
23 pairs of shoes
2 shock-green snakeskin underpants
3 mismatching orange stockings with umbrellas

1 bottle of cold white wine
1 stick of watermelon chewing gum
1 bottle of "Cat, I'm a Kitty-Cat" perfume

Anyone said kick-ass holiday?
Sayonara Snoreway! Enjoy the Sh/now! (Or the rain, but s/rh/ao/iw/n didn't work as well, you see).

I'll be in Italy again if you need me, I'll be back next Monday, don't worry about it. I left you some lamps and some biscuits. The holy biscuit is locked safely in a carrot-coloured tin on top of my rickety wardrobe. If you need the holy biscuit the key is.....
.... You sneaky sneaky you, I nearly told you everything!

Well, if anything happens, just about anything else you need to know is in my "Last Will n' Testament™" (sorry about the coat-hangers, Skjalg (Stinky), but I felt like someone I trusted should get them).

Music to listen to while I'm away:

Maxïmo Park - By the Monument
Maxïmo Park - Books for Boxes
The Thrills - Don't steal our Sun
Feist - 1234
Feist - Honey Honey
Kasabian - Butcher Blues


Audun said...

That's the awesomesest (awesomemest? awesomst? wtf?)
wig I've ever seen.

And I've seen a few. I've even seen the Pope's wig.

Audun said...

ah, where are my manners?

Have a most fantastic trip!

Please leave a few buidings intact when you leave, I intend to go visit the fucking place some day.

Calu said...

Have a great trip!

Sorry for not posting randomly lately.. been offline ;)

Søster Sigrid said...

du er gæren. Thats my wig by the way

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