Protect thy child

"Excuse me?" he said, because as nobody else had reacted, he felt obliged to.
-"Yes?" she said, and did a little jump to move the baby to a more comfortable position on the side of her waist.
"May I ask why your child is wrapped in plastic-bubbles and tinfoil?" He pointed at the baby, though she probably did know where it was already, he felt it made the question seem more natural if he pointed.
-"It is in case I drop him of course, so that he wont break".
He took a discreet step backwards.
"Ah, of course. I see, er, I was just... Curious".

And he felt helpless, because he had no idea what to retort. Quite honestly he didn't see why it couldn't make sense either.


Smylexx said...

Does someone need their pill?

Calu said...

Were did our quality reading go? :o

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