The things you are

The norwegian language use comparisons to determine a persons behaviour or certain abilities a person has. Most languages do this, it is just that we compare you with things that do not even remotely make sense, take these for example:

Treig - ost
Slow - cheese :A person which is slow or lagging behind.

Moro - klump
Funny - lump :A person with a sense of humour.

Mase - krÄke
Nagging - crow :A person that just doesn't shut up.

Papp - skalle
Cardboard - head :A person not particularily bright.

Rote - kopp
Messy - cup :A person not tidying up after him/herself

Surre - hue
Buzzing - head :An oblivious person, a bit dim.

Fille - frans
Raggy - frans :A person not dressed very nice (Frans is a name).

Makes me giggle!


Smylexx said...

It's my dream to be called a 'klump', it really is.

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