Politically engaged day!

This is my official Politically Engaged day, as you might remember from last year. Politically Engaged day is my offical day for spouting and retorting angry comments about the corrupt Norwegian society, to anger a... er... mob, or a... er... a riot, a crowd, or a, something.
This means that the upcoming elections both in Norway and US & A, public appearances of upbeat politicians, the national budget, the upper as well as the lower regions of the rotten hierocracy would be up for debate. Unfortunately for the sake of freedom of speech I am not in Norway at the current time.

Quite naturally this means I am not nor do I mean to be very engaged or enthusiastic in the world of politics.

Excuse me. Just a second.
I will write you a little verse about politics, so that you may continue to enjoy 'Politically Engaged Day'.
I am very very politically engaged
I hope my enthusiasm does not seem... er... staged
The insides of our town hall is plagued
quite possibly by possum.

With help of the wonders of Webinterworldaglobalwidenet the date is set to the 14th of August, next Tuesday(!).

With love, Tora from the past. (1345 hours, 08.10.07)


Smylexx said...

Do theyhave politics in Norway too????

I just assuemed the entire country was inside a giant snow-globe that was occasionally shaken by an angry giant snowman and his gn*me helpers.

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