The view of my navel, from my face

W-hzup Toraland?

Good question!
But I don't think I have a very good answer to it. Well, I have had a cold, drunk lots of tea, gone for a whizz, coloured my drawing, eaten waffles, watched TV and Black Books, been to work, walked home from downtown at 3 in the morning just to come home and drink some more tea!
Well, today I am feeling a whole lot better! That is a good thing, don't you think? Yes you do, how pleasant.

How are you? Have you done anything interesting? Oh! Oh! I got my shool-computar today, that was quite nice, I don't know if it is working yet, but hopefully I will find out soon enough. I most likely will. I still have that bacon bandage plastered to it, and everyone still believe it is a real piece of bacon! Says as much about what they expect of me as it does about them! Why would someone stick a piece of bacon to their laptop? Why would they do that? Though I suppose it is right about too late anyway, the people I hang out with are the outkasts of the outkasts.

It is much like, if the geeks had an even geekier overlord, or, if the nerds had like a, a, senate, well then we wouldn't be in it. But anyway, we qualify for the weirdness. Marius with the cloak wore chainmail to school the other day, Tobias and I shared a bag of Sniggles (which is a biscuit) they were actually Liv-Elin's, but I don't think she wanted them. Anyway Elin opened my banana at the wrong end, so I had to open it on the other side as well! She kind of brought the Sniggles on herself.

Yes Tobias also programmed his calculator yet again to solve supernatural acamdemic-levelled calculations for both physics, maths and chemistry, because he is a supermonstrous maniac! Martin had a stray hair standing straight up on the top of his head like an antenna, other than wearing his japanese anime-t-shirts I asked him what the weather would be like tomorrow, though the forecast was not on yet. Sindre is quite possibly "ooo-oo-oooh", meaning possibly riding his bike on the other side of the road, nothing wrong with that of course, it's just interesting how his "friend", Hugo seems not to have noticed it yet.

So that's it, that makes us, that makes us six. Wow that is a damn lot. I would've guessed four. Weird with those numbers, they don't always sound or feel like how much they really are worth.


Dirk_Star said...

Fine blog you have here!

Thanks for the link and thanks for the visit.

Smylexx said...

is Toraland a new theme park?

Will there be roller-coasters?

A viking longship that spins and goes upside down?

Dancing otters that can play the jazz-flute?

How much is the admission?

Tora said...

It is free!
pee in a cup and we'll test you for diseases too!

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