The PLU -game

At work, which can be very quiet during summer, there's a game one can play which is called "The PLU game". PLU is the code for each piece of glassware or other items we might have in stock, also known as ASW.

The game is quite simple, you randomly tap six numbers into the cashier to register an item, and the one who gets the item that is worth the most, wins!

Sometimes one can become a little too competitive and start looking up the most expensive items on the computer at the back.
Anyway, yesterday it was so quiet because of the good weather, so Heidi and I took turns in walking around in the other shops.

While Heidi was ojn one of her trips, I was driven to insanity by boredom, and ended up playing the PLU game. And don't we sell a bucketload of odd things?
Prices are in Norwegian Kroners.

212121 - Stiftviskelær "Winter" - 19,-
174423 - Pins USA/Norway - 29,-
181818 - White wine - 49,-
264512 - Bell with Moose in sunset - 59,-
161616 - No Text - 75,-

264589 - Mirror zink - 119,-
177444 - First Step 17017BB - 1799,-
191919 - Postbox B541 STEEL - 2399,-
207447 - Yellow Plate 550mm - 12 000,-

I mean, wth?


Smylexx said...

Important question #1: Is heidi a little orphan girl who hangs out with her grandfather and goats and a goatherd named Peter?

Important Question #2: Is she single?

Important Question #3: Can i get that Bell with Moose in Sunset please? I can add it to my other moose/bell paraphernalia.

Smylexx said...

Do those Yellow Plates come in purple?

Can i get one that's just 532mm?

Mika said...

That's one expensive plate... ~1600e

Calu said...

PLU game sounds awsome! I wish i could play games like that at work, im stuck with, hide from the dodgy manager whos putting you back to work-game...

Nah tbh, i cant complain about my last 3 weeks, tbh, im not suppose to do a whole lot, just help were im needed which means, they are no longer tracking me ;)

Audun said...

The colours on your blog are just...


Yes, the brown/bright blue etc thing at the top.


Tora said...

oh it was the poll that did that.

I'll fix it later :D

mischief said...

Agreed with Audun. Blue and Brown - yuck. I still prefer the snow one from ages ago

Smylexx said...

I'm pretty sure my questions haven't been answered yet. This is not the level of service i have come to expect from my Blog visits.

I'm shaking my flipper at you right......now.

Tora said...

Question #1: No
Question #2: Yes
Question #3: No sorry, we don't have it in my shop, but I can order it for you. Problem is that unless they have it in stock you might have to wait for a while. Also, I can only keep it for you for a maximum 30 days before it will be put out for sale again!

Colin Tuttle said...

Can i just say,,, Moooooooose,, its a wonderful word,, makes the world feel right,, and also can be used to describe nearly every feeling possible,.

always reminds me of northern exposure,,

i wish had a moose.... id get it an nice panama hat ,,but i wouldn't make it wear a bell,,.

then it could sneak up on you and surprise you when you least expect it... .

altogether now,,, MoooooooooooooSe!

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