Bear and Mousse

Did you know that a bear can actually gain as much weight as it wants without ever becoming dangeriously obese? The bear will continue to grow in size, of course, but it will not be a hazard to its health - in fact it is crucial for it survival! That is why bears eat honey and porridge, also they like to munch on a sleek filet o' salmon, preferably smoked on toast with a bit of scrambled egg.

The king of the forest, also known as my sister Hagrid (Sigrid), has a lesser servant, much like a 'Lord', or a 'Sir', if you like, called a Mousse, a Chocolate Mousse. Much like a stag, the mousse has corny braids on its head, made of whipped cream. The Chocolate Mousse also likes to paint his toenails and wear bracelets.
Two wondrous facts of nature, given to you by

Mental™ - The Freshmaker.


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