While my guitar gently weeps

I got the charger for my School Flapflop today, so I've actually geeked around old style tonight, which was nice :) We all need to geek around a little, right?


Foss said...


Smylexx said...

I quite like to geek-out a lot. I find that geeking-out a little is just not enough. Is this wrong?

Can Foss answer this? His pic always makes him look so wise.. a bit like Yoda but less likely to eat slime and snakes and stuff...

Foss said...

It's never wrong to geek out unless gets in the way of your social life. However, it is permitted to combine the two activities. For example, we have regular real-life guild meetups, the most recent of which was a mere two weeks ago.

Now I have a question for you, smylie... How in the name of cockshaft do I look wise in my picture? I'm in a pub, drunk, with part of a peanut packet stuck to my forehead with the word "Nobby" on it...

Stay sexy! :)


Audun said...

No, you see, it's not geeking out until it gets in the way of social life. Like, if you can't participate in a conversation because you don't know anything about sports, you only know things about Warhammer. Or if you were considering going out a friday night, but decided to stay home and play computah games instead.

If you're doing geeky stuff only when there's nothing else to do, or in a non-geeky setting, it's just being alternative :)

That said, nothing wrong with meeting other human beings now and then. If they would just stop talking to me:)

And yes, in the name of the great Cockshaft, you do look smart. I think it's a mix:

-A knowing smile
-Holding up your finger like that
-Some clever, yet amusing look in your eyes.

The peanut packet just emphasises it. Look at the tribal shaman and priests. The more dingle-dangle they keep on their body, the better they are.

Smylexx said...

At the real-life meetings with guildy types, do you have to wear the elfy pointy ears, brandish the Mighty Sword of Dobar (level 34+ with 2% chance of casting 'nerdy-haze' for 12 seconds) and do you also have to wear armour?

And i agree with Audun; there's something about the way you're holding that finger aloft that simply commands respect.

Besides, I always feel so much more intelligent after a few drinks.

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mischief said...

How's Cleo?

Tora said...

She's doing very well! She's still on penicillin, and her stitches look nice and clean. She is a bit bored though, because she is not allowed as long walks as she is used to. And we can't play with her :(

She's very happy, we're giving her all this extra attention and more food than she'll ever need (she wishes to differ from this point, but I know what is best for her).

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