0h-noes! October!

You're clinging on to air
You're reaching back
To something that you never had

It's time to draw the line
To draw the fire
Why'd you never know
The time to let go
The time to move aside
To let it slide
To let it slide

-Keane "Let it Slide" ("Under The Iron Sea" Bonus Track 2006)

Ai ai ai! Here it goes again. October has rushed by like pre-school on sugar - and we wont see it again until next year!
Though may I take advantage of this occasion to tell you that little-brother Torstein got awarded with a crown for being his schools "Mr. Halloween" on Saturday?
Well I just did. So now you know. Even without your consent. He was dressed up as a pirate, it looked very nice.

The most difficult thing about Halloween is decide what to dress up like, so to lighten your burden - here are my suggestions!

A cloud or a sheep
1. Draw curls on your body with a permanent marker
2. Cover yourself in some transparent glue
3. Roll yourself in cotton
4. put a lamp on your head as a sun/draw on a black nose.
5. Be the one everyone looks up to! Or whatever the welsh shag.

A Cactus
1. Paint yourself green
2. Put needles into your skin, all over yourself
3. Wear a pair of Mexican shades
4. Be a part of hot, desert scenery! RRrrrriaaaah!

A Viking
1. Get a keg of beer, some mud and a smelly puddle of seawater, stir thoroughly.
2. roll around in the puddle while braiding your facial hair together with the hair on your head.
3. Wear a horned helmet and nothing else but rusty underpants and wooden clogs.
4. Now you will both look, and smell - like a viking.


Anonymous said...

Grattis Torstein!!
Have you seen Gylve as a Zombie bride?
Tante Bister.

Smylexx said...

Just to confirm.. which of the aforementioned outfits did YOU choose this Halloween?

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