Ghosts - The World is Outside

Here is something you're guaranteed to like!
It's like Supergrass meeting Melody Club meeting Klaxons meeting Starsailor meeting Shout Out Louds meeting happy, upbeat, beautiful music!

Songs like "The World is Outside" and "Musical Chairs" are awesome though much like tunes you might have heard before. While "Stop", "Stay the Night" and "Wrapped Up in Little Stars" are incredibly original and fun and brilliant! Must hears!

Tons of energy, an album no longer than 48 minutes but with plenty of spark! You'll be surprised how captivating and addictive it is. The variation is also extremely striking, they possess different genres and use odd sounds in their music, but still make it sound very right.

Perfect for any occasion, so versatile and well-produced you might be frightened - though still hardly revolutionary! This is where conservative brit-pop meets traditional ballads and funky jingles and loud drums, a very strange place.



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