You Will Always be My Love

My newest stop motion animation! Please tell me what you think of it :)


Andrew Foster said...

It's terrible! I mean, all I see it "this content is blocked by web-blocker". What a horrid animation!

(I'll have to wait 'til I get home to watch it)


for better or forwhrs

Smylexx said...

Loved it though i'm pretty sure there was a way of getting some otters in there somewhere yet.....you didn't.


Audun said...

That was very cute!

In a positive way!

And it looked good. Like, quality-wise.

The thing with the heart floating up on his head and then sort of raining down on him was really cool. Nifteh.

(It's just that I rarely use the word cute. It doesn't seem to exist in male vocabularies)

Foss said...

Actually, I use the word "cute" a lot. Like "He's got a cute bronchitis" or "Ah went to the shops, and ah cute for ages before ah got servt".

mischief said...

Cool vid Tora! I wonder if mini-Andy could star in one one day. I'll send him over some time.

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