Lined with frost, Dead Badger News!

Frost this morning, and down at Elin's it was minus 5. Holy crap!

In other news there's still a lot of drama in Oslo, people have bought all the bottled water available, and similar companies like Coca cola are celebrating. As usual when there's a crisis - the people that earn from it get blamed, the number of conspiracies are striking, honestly.

VG wrote about the discovery of a dead badger in one of the water reservoirs about one hour ago, as I was to link to this article - it suddenly disappeared. Either it just wasn't true - or they are keeping something from us! This is what was written:

Død grevling i norsk vannverk
Her flyter en død grevling rundt i drikkevannet - etter at det er renset. ... Herfra har det rensede vannet lang vei i rør før det når kunden...

Dead badger in norwegian waterworks
Here a dead badger floats around in our drinking water - after it's been purified. ... From here the cleansed water has a long way through pipes before it reaches the customer...

Would have been a laugh if all of this indeed was caused by a dead badger! Not for the badger, naturally.

It would have been quite sad for the badger.
Poor badger.


Smylexx said...

It's much more likely that the badger was simply the victim of a Mafia hit. Badgers are notoriously bad poker players -probably owed the mob some cash and they came to collect.

If the Oslo police had checked, i'm sure they'd have noticed some tiny cement boots on the badger.

Badger's do not drink water - they prefer a martini.

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