Paul McCartney - Ever Present Past

I never thought I'd see the day, but here it is! And I can see it clearly too.
Actually this day is the day when I recommend the song "Ever Present Past" from Paul McCartney's newest album "Memory Almost Full".

This song has an upbeat, Beatles' ring to it (surprise surprise) and an odd, electronic touch - strange as it may seem, this actually works well. And though he can't write, nor read music (notes) he doesn't have to, because he's filthy rich - and he makes this song work anyway! It is almost indie-like, very brit.

Have a listen, see if you can think of anything to prove me wrong with, but this, young sir, is a poppy tune, and - most are doomed to like it!


Audun said...

Unless you've had eye surgery lately, I very much doubt you can see anything clearly...

I think the fact that it's actually night outside backs my statement.

Tora said...

du er så frekk

Audun said...

skylder deg faktisk ganske mange sånna kommentarer tenk

Tora said...

Jeg tror vi står sånn cirka likt, særlig iberegnet blåasinga i ørene mine!


Det eneste som skyldes her, er en tur på kino.
Min tur neste gang

Audun said...

mmm, ok. Men kiling på ryggen må også regnes inn.

Samt mobbing av rare dialekter og talefeil!

Og jeg skylder deg en burjare på Hard Cock.

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