I believe an explanation is in order

My school-laptop, which has caused me lots of pain throughout the past two years, has now finally bucked under to the immense over-usage. In the end I had to place it carefully down on three accurately positioned pens and press down on the left side, then on the right side, then shift sides, ease the pressure and lift it slightly up from the pen at the back. After repeating this, lifting it up, pressing down and tipping it to the right - it would be somewhere along the looong path of "logging on".

In other words, the poor flapflop was not the least sufficient as a laptop anymore, and despite my intense denial and my magnetic laptop-attraction-force, I had to hand it in to the school tech-support. At first they refused to admit there was anything wrong with it, and that by just refitting windows - it would be as good as new. When I came back a few days later he was filling in this long piece of paper, ready to send it off to repairs. So he asked me (after I had given him a hard time about not listening to me before) what specific problems I had been having with my laptop.

"Well, nothing works. After I realized it was no good as a computer, I tried using it as a snowboard - not a great success to be honest. I then attempted to use it as a mailbox, a chair, a book, a teacup and a sauce ladle - non which proved successful, after this revelation, I gave it to you".

He looked scared and sent it away after I had given the flapflop a nice stroke down the rows of USB-gates and whispered it assuring words, and that it would come home safely. So seeing I am not able to post during class or any other time at school - my feed is getting drafty and the posts sparse. For this I hope you may forgive me, if things go according to plan and my delicious flapflop is returned in a week or two - things will be different around here!


Smylexx said...

But if you don't post, i'll suspect the worst... that you've been eaten by blobfish or had your head pulled off by an over-excited sealion lover or something.

If i have to resort to going to other lesser important blogs to get my fix of freaky viking action, i'll be very upset.

No, really!

Calu said...

Plus points for tagging this with "paranoia" xD

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