How it's actually possible to write 24 pages in a book about something so dull and insignificant as the breakthrough of parliamentarianism in Norway and the union with Sweden from 1814 to 1905 - is way beyond me. Hardly very interesting, and very poor entertainment. Basically it was farmers joining the parliament to spit on the laywers, doctors and priests - trying to get through the voice of the 'people' (the 25% of the male population that were allowed to vote). In the middle of all this some mouldy old similarily-named prime ministers and a stubborn Sweden king try to have their say.

A few loud and overrated, bearded politicians "gather the Norwegian people" and get statues and paintings made of themselves. The people of Kristiania (Oslo) is whisking up an armed revolution with weapons and everything when the stubborn Swedish king refuse to pass the law on parliamentarianism in Norway. Led by overrated, bearded politican #1 the people are ready to defend the parliament against the king. They blow the whole thing off and everyone have their fårikål.

There's a law-suit and some fines and bladibla - and the law doesn't really pass through in the end, though the government made parliamentarianism a "habit" and therefore it calls for a celebration. Thrilling story.

In the time that follows nothing of significance happens, though my book insist that it does.

We reinstate a Danish king after voting the Swedes off the island in 1905, dissolving the union after calling the Swedish king a parrot and telling him to piss off (also mentioned is that he's too partial and the equivalence between the countries are a bit uneven). The Danish prince we make king was orignially named Carl, but he changes it to Haakon and it's instant love. He brings along his wife, British princess Maud that we only liked, so that we could maintain our goodwill with Britain.

This and some exciting facts about Norwegian fishing industry makes 24 pages in total.

I spiked my ice-coffe with some kick-ass 100% Arabica and wrote 10 pages with notes about this shit. I will not be able to sleep, and my wrist is in cramps. Oh my!
Picture is of Queen (dronning) Maud.


Audun said...

Funkeh, we had about parliamentarism last week, and today it'll be about breaking up the union.

When you're done writing those notes, you can make a copy for me!

Being a history geek, I do enjoy bits of it. Norwegian history isn't much fun after the viking age passed though:)
(Except Tordenskiold)

But it's kinda cool how casually the union was dissolved.

"We're the norwegian parliament, we're sorta working on getting a new government right now. Oh, btw: You're disposed and the union is dissolved"

Smylexx said...

When i think of Viking politics, i can only ever think of the council of Elrond in Lord of the Rings.

Don't try and convince me otherwise... we all know that it's EXACTLY like that - lots of dwarves with beards all shouting and wearing armour, some moody elves looking all snooty while they try and avoid being sunburnt from the lightbulbs and some mysterious old wizards smoking 'something' in the corner.

Oh, and can we have an entire entry on the Norwegian fishing industry please? That sounds fab!

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