Oh, oh, oh, oh, ooh - Just STOP!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, ooh
Just stop

Why don't you ever stop?

Just stop

(you're bugging me)

Why don't you ever stop?

Ghosts obsession!


teh pity-poster said...

you have been pity-posted!

Tora said...


teh pity-poster said...

that album is good though

Tora said...

Audun, you mustn't be so mean to my blog you know. One day it might return the favour!

not audun said...

but teh pity-poster just complimented your taste of music!

(his personal favourite on that album is probably
Stay The Nights)

How is that mean?

And who is Audun? Anyone I know?

Tora said...

stay the night id definately a winner.

So is temporary and Wrapped up in little stars

Audun said...

Mhm. But stay the night is just so unconditionally happy!

Happy happy happy!

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