A turning tide
Lovers at a great divide
why d'you laugh
When I know that you hurt inside?

And why d'you say
It's just another day, nothing in my way
I don't wanna go, I don't wanna stay
So there's nothing left to say?

- Keane "Nothing in My Way" ("Under The Iron Sea" 2006)

Senseless and obliviously people suffer from Von Willebrands disease, people can live entire lives without knowing - you might have it. You can be sitting through an entire universe and you'd never even know that you have a disease starting with a W. Though as I said, a lot of people have it - and quite positively it will have a very minuscule effect on ones life.

Basically von Willebrands disease means that you're a bleeder, or that you bruise easily, your wounds heal slowly and you might bleed a lot when at the dentist or if you chop yourself with a knife. Many do bleed - if you don't, I suggest you go see your doctor. But for people with Von Willebrand, bleeding is often with a capital B, even a tiny scratch will look fairly more dramatic on you, than on people without VW.

I heard the story of Von Willebrand in a lecture at Blindern University in Oslo, and this crisp old doctor was speaking to all the younglings - but with this strange story, he captivated each and every one of us. It is some time ago, but I'll see if I can remember.

Von Willebrand was a local doctor in Finland (of all places) a long long time ago, and his practice stretched just over a very minor district. Off the coast of his area there lay an island, and one day a man and his pale son came from the island to see him. They sat down in his office and told him strange stories about what was going on on their island, a young girl had bled to death at her very first period, and people rarely lived after giving birth or having surgery. These people had inbred on this island for decades - and Von Willebrand ventured out to their island to find out what was going on. Local folklore told of demons and mystical creatures bewitching the people of the island.

But to Von Willebrand, it turned out the people were lacking certain fibres whose job is to 'catch' the bloodcells before we bleed ourselves empty. These fibres are often the source of blood clots, as the veins first get narrowed by fat from the outside until the walls of the vein break - and starts bleeding. Eager to do their job - the fibres create a tangling web that end up blocking the circulattion of blood completely.

Anyway, it is quite common to have weak versions of VW, and the serious cases rarely occur these days. Later i have developed a theory of that major parts of my family probably has VW Disease, especially my brother Skjalg - he gets a bruise if you just stare at him with the correct intensity.


Audun said...

So, what you're trying to tell us is...

Your family's only slightly inbred, as opposed to the rumoured completely inbred?

Calu said...

First im going to chuckle at Auduns comment..

Then, to a more serious matter. Whats it called when you can cut a deep wound and it hardly bleeds at all - Because im fairly sure i may be victim of just that.

Anonymous said...

Kan du huske din tante blø neseblod gjennom hele Roma? Eller da hele rompa mi var blå etter ett fall i trappa? Eller da jeg var blå fra ankelen og opp til kneet etter å ha spilt fotball med Gylve?
Completely inbred it is!
Tante Bister.

Tora said...

ja, det er jo det jeg sier!

Ikke innavl, da, forsåvidt. Men Willebrand all the way, honey!

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