The Neave Society

So, speaking of Facebook, there is Facebook and all the different schools on the planet - one of which are Oxford University.

On Facebook, and on Oxford - there's a group called "The Neave Society", and it goes like this:

Merton College's Neave society is an inclusive formal for the discussion of politics, current affairs and social issues. All Mertonians are welcome to attend our informal debates and speaker events. Free wine and nibbles will be available.

I know that to you Brits (with or without tits) this is not considered very unusual, I mean, there are millions of those pecky College/University societies that sport just about any theme. Like take for example the less-known 'Toothpick Robot Society' at Eton College, or 'Windshield Panoramic Suitcase Extention' at Leeds.

In Norway we have a lot less formal get-togethers, like a Lacrosse team, a rowing team, a choir or a little group of engineers driving around in a steam-engine getting wasted. Anything even close to as sophisticated as to have 'inclusive formal' in its represantative title would be considered an insult, or maybe some kind of joke - most Norwegians would say either:

1. What does this mean? or
2. Urrrrrrhhgh?! - perhaps even
3. What'cha call' me mum?/Ya pickin' a fight? - though, might be the most likely alternative(s).

No, you see - this was something which caught me quite by surprise - they even have their own crest.. And... And everything! I highlighted the words that will never be used by a Norwegian and that made me laugh, rather loudly. The comments from the Facebook-group discussion boards and wall were as follows:

I updated your officer titles for you, you numpties. You're the actual thing, now! Not just "elect"!

it's ok james, you don't need to be a lick arse anymore...*grin* though i echo the sentiments.

Thank you Tim, Ben and Andy for a fantastic year! From the 'morality of war' debate to Douglas Hurd,
Neave society this year has been great!

Well done last night guys, great discussion. I enjoyed the wine and muffins too

Constitution...honestly Tim, where did you learn to spell?

All is ship-shape and Bristol fashion, it seems.

Not saying that Norwegians are particlarily dumb, but I don't think there is a proper chance of any of us emitting something like the above, we don't even have half of them words in our language.
You all think you are -so posh!
Well, we have...
- ... er ... fish.


Audun said...

And we have DDE.

Having bands like DDE touring the country might explain why there are noe naive societies.

hdsgsesh= harddiskgjess

Smylexx said...

Thanks for the fish though. Much appreciated.

Audun said...


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