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I read a game-review just a few minutes ago, going to make this quick - beacuse it IS my lunchbreak, and it is very nearly finished. Anyway it was a review of the game named Conan (not Age of Conan) and it was slaughtered. The article was full of lots of blood. Horrible thing.

And then in the comments, someone had written:

"Jeg har hatt det spillet og det er veldig bra kamp system noen filmer bra men spillmagasinet kan virkelig suge mye rart til helvete ja.."

"I have had that game and it is very good fighting system some films good but spillmagasinet* can really suck lots of strange things to hell yes.."

Couldn't really make anything out of that.

You should read the review, and you can - here. (In Norwegian)

*game magazine


Smylexx said...

Well if it helps, i played the Conan demo on the xbox and i thought it was pretty generic. Like Golden Axe with a couple of extra moves. Unfortunately the pedestrian speed at which the game played did nothing for me.

Still waiting for Otter The Barbarian.

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