Heartbreak "Ricco Vero"

The shop on the other side of the hallway on the mall where I work is called "Ricco Vero", they sell clothes and have a giant chandelier in the centre. Usually they play a lot of really gay house- and dance music, or the common radio-pop (which is anything produced by Timbaland and/or Justin Timberlake.

But today they played non-stop sad songs by Keane and Coldplay! Someone has had their heart broken!
I'm going to go in there with some chocolate and a copy of the newest "Pride & Prejudice" version on DVD.


Smylexx said...

more than happy to offer a hug if it helps....

Calu said...

Or, they just got a better taste in music!

<3 Sobby music!

Tora said...

yeah, one is allowed to hope. Though I am sure that it would be too good to be true :(

(hugs always help Smy)

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