- JAA?!

I don't know your thoughts these days
We're strangers in an empty space
I don't understand your heart
It's easier to be apart
We might as well be strangers in another town
We might as well be living in a another time
We might as well
We might as well be strangers
Be strangers

- Keane "We Might As Well Be Strangers" ("Hopes and Fears" 2004)
a song that makes me think of many things!

TORA -Temporally Ordered Routing Algorithm
Torah - the Five Books of Moses
TOra - a database administration and development tool
Tora! Tora! Tora! - a 1970 movie about the Attack on Pearl Harbor.
Tora Olafsdotter, better known as Ice is a DC Comics superheroine from a past age of the Justice League
Tora - Japanese word for tiger

Seen something much like this in my blog before? I think you might have, yes. Maybe even twice.


Audun said...

That picture makes me laugh so hard everytime I think about it.

And since it makes me laugh so hard, I think about it often.

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