Everyone get bored at some point.

Naturally, as more people come together - like they do online, one gets a chance to share exactly how bored one is - with the rest of the world. I don't know exactly what relevance this has to other people, but one of the top most used words on the web is actually "bored", with "lol" still as a top favourite.

Why do we get bored? Because we have so much to do? Or because we have so much to choose from, and some many alternatives that if we have already thought about doing some of them they already bore us?

Then what is the cure to boredom? Obviously not the internet, so far all that its given us is a meaningless amount of flashgames and free ringtones. Personally I don't see how this is relevant at all, maybe it can stall our boredom a little, or in the best cases spark off some creativity - but rarely it can be a cure. It's more like a time-killer, a space-waster.

Well either way, here's your proud selection, here's the crown essentials of boredom-fighting from all our online friends!


Smylexx said...

And, right? That's where i go when i'm bored...though i get the impression that the blog is written by an imbecile.

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