Many things surround our celebration of Christmas this time of year, and the things that have the strongest traditions related to Jesus' birthday is definitely food.

Julebrus means "Christmas pop", as in a bubbly sweet pink (or brown) liquid to be consumed during the Christmas Holiday. The closest thing overseas creatures can relate "julebrus" to, is probably "Cream soda". The NorwegianEgil Fredriksen drinks "Julebrus" three times a day, all year around. He is perhaps a tad more fanatic about the beverage than the common Norwegian is, though the grocery store down the road is currently completely sold out. This year as well.

The Julebrus is a very important part of our celebration, and whenever you would fancy some any other time of the year, you could always buy the "Eventyr Brus" which means "Fairytale Pop". It is actually widely discussed whether these two are actually the exact same thing, but I have not managed to get to the bottom of it. They look the same and taste the same, and when you burp these fluffed clouds of ghastly pink appear before you.

In 2003, 60. 000 litres of Julebrus was purchased and consumed by Snorewegians.
Be Amazed.


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