I appreciate the concern Richard! But now I am here, and I am back and I have bought a new pair of shoes! Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the freshly aquired deliciously-licious shoes (which by the way is my shoe pair # 28), but I do have a lot of other pictures, just like I bought other things, besides shoes.

Bask in the danish-ness of my photos, lindsay - here's some flashing photos from Copenhagen:

Tivoli, at night.

White, lit tree.

hot chocolate.

Golden, lit tree.

Créme Brulée at "Peder Oxe's"

Streets of Copenhagen at night.

Gates of Tivoli

Streets of Tivoli.

Chinese Quarters, Tivoli.

lit, lovely lake, Tivoli.

Christmastree, Tivoli.

Bubble-lamps, Tivoli.

Succulent, delicious at "Peder Oxe's"

Redcurrant jelly at "Peder Oxe's"

Strawberry Colada.

There are more where those came from, you might catch them later!


Anonymous said...

That hot chocolate looks delicious.

Good to have you back.

Audun said...

Food, shoe-shopping, and glowing stuff.

Had a great time then?

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