It's the very first of December!
The perfect occasion to bring out anything hideous and/or colourful, sparkling, blinking, shining, glittering and smelly. The scent is preferably to be enjoyable.

January two years ago I had been very sick and had been away from school for a month or so. I had mononucleosis (also called epstein barr ) - epstein being the nickname my loving sister gave me, along with "levra" mening "the liver". Thank you for that Sigrid.

Anyway, my loving sister, my mum and I went for a little hoobalalooba trip to London.
There we bought Christmas decorations for well £ 100 (1000,- kr), and they had been discounted with 70% already! And every year we now take out these hideous and expensive decorations, and we all love them very much.

When I woke up today, the wind was attempting to tear down my house, but I realised that even though it is an old, crooked coccoon of a building I live in, it will stand rock steady -

...... Oh no.

[We Apologize to break into this post, but your favourite blogger just got All Saints "Rock Steady" plastered to her brain. Call you back in April].


Foss said...

On the first day of xmas my true love gave to me:

A black eye and slightly grazed knee

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