The next licious step...

... has led us to the Lakebed Temple, in other words: the water temple.

This always makes me yawn and groan, because the watertemples in the Zelda games tend to be slightly dull. All the claustrophobic arm flapping, upstream swimming, water filling, refilling, emptying, splashing, wooshing, jellyfishing and mind blasting tap-water issues become quite a bore after a very short while.

I am of course not playing myself, in fact I have played little nintendo on my own, least of all Zelda games, I find them to be a more social thing. I am merely keeping my older brother Stinky company while he's gaming. Filling his bottomless glass of caffeine constantly while helping him solve the next issue on the agenda: Find a button to move the stairs to reach the chest to find the key to unlock the door at the other side of the building to enter the room to kill the creatures to use the bow to find another button to collect the cage full of treemonkeys. (warning: that was a forest-temple game spoiler, but I give you the alert now, or else you wouldn't have read what I wrote: FACE!).

Anyway, I guess I'll do like I did at the firetemple; fall asleep and make stinky wake me up for the bossfight.


Audun said...

Who else would brave such dangers but the heroic Stinky Longshanks!

Stinky Longshanks said...


Smylexx said...


I thank you.

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