Intersection Work Objection

The red light is glowing intently. The red man is standing completely still, both his luminous feet are firmly placed upon the black box in which he is signalling from.

"Best part of working in a pedestrian crossing is definitely not the people" says the red man stiffly. "The worst part is that I have to work, and that I have to work with.... 'that'..." The red man continues, and he does not even bother to point discreetly at the green man in the box underneath him, he rather throws a dull glance down at the currently dimmed light. The green man - though dark - is examining his own shoes with deep suspicion, occasionally kicking his left foot, awaiting a reaction.
Suddenly the red man goes black, and the green man flashes awake, beaming with upmost satisfaction.
-"I love my job" he exclaims excitedly. "I think there are so many nice things to see, and so many new things that happen all the time, I feel like I get noticed at work and that people do as I say, and that's great". The green man is looking extremely pleased, he lifts a cup of tea and winks at me.
"Notice that people will not cross the street until a few seconds after I start" the green man says with interest, and eyes the busy, grey men and women as they slowly lean forwards for a split second, before they at the same time start to scurry across the street. And he blinks, first once, then twice, then four more times, until he is dimmed out again.
The red man flashes on again, he looks even less enthusiastic than before.
-"I just wish I could work somewhere with a less noisy environment, sometimes I feel like my job doesn't really allow me to 'shine' if y'know-whad-Imean? I feel like other people really have their moments, while I'm not allowed to have them as often. I always have to wait before I'm allowed to speak up, yeah? In addition, my co-workers are all a bit dim. I wish they weren't so dim all the time." The red man finishes, he is once again frozen - glowing red, letting the cars rush past, clutching his head in his hands, looking gloom.


Anonymous said...

Your "discovery" was a very perceptive one, so you deserve a comment on this, just for that.

Smylexx said...

If i was the green man, i'd tie the red man's shoelaces together.

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