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Originally drawn in 1850 by the famous architect John Allan Wilkinson Emerset (1825-1878) after a request from the Funky town government. The building process started late in 1852 at the corner of Church Street and Market street downtown Funky town by Market square.
The building of the post office was running slow during the first half period of the process because of the lack of manpower. This was due to the recent flow of workers to the Funky acres and Funkshire fields just north of Funky Town. The new growth in agriculture around the area led to the sudden up rise in the Funky Town economy. But the building of the post office was stopped in 1853 half finished when the project was “cancelled” as the building fund had ran out. The architectural monster had blown the budget of its hinges and was therefore considered an “insecure” project that could not be continued.
John Allan Wilkinson Emerset was furious after this incident and had the building reopened with funding from his very own bank account a short two months after. The government went back on the funding of the project three months later when the building was nearly done.
The post office was finished early 1854 and stood as clearly one of the most architectural pearls of the Funky Town settlement that far. The post office was opened by January 1855 with Tom A. Foster as first postmaster.
John Allan Wilkinson (the proud architect) was also the genious behind the Funky town city hall and known as the "inventor" of the funky architecture seen around funky town. The houses drawn by John A. Wilkinson is worth a fortune nowadays and is only affordable by the richer inhabitants of Funky Town.

With deep roots within the services of sending messages across the nation, the Funky Town postal service is still in business after over one hundred and fifty years in the trade. The ever so trustworthy and accurate services of the Funky town mail can always be trusted. The local stamps with pictures of her majesty the Queen and of course the Funky Town City hall are both famous prints first designed by the first Funky Town postmaster Tom A. Foster. The two stamps now have a value of over 200. 000 £ each and the two last samples are owned by the enthusiastic stamp collector, Philip Erma that lives in south eastern Funky Town at date. The Funky Town Post Office was designed by the very famous architect John Allen Wilkinson Emerset.


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