Viking at Work

I was at work tonight, if you don't know what my job is, well then you can either read about it from last year, or you can read what I'm writing right now.
I work at a "Crockerie", this means that I work in a store that sells glassware, cutlery, kitchen-stuff, kettles, christmas-decorations, hideous things made of plastic, and napkins, mountains of napkins. I know this all sounds rather gay, but I enjoy it quite a lot.

Well today I got the job of unpacking this crate of new wares that had just arrived, and it was all kinds of strange things in it. Plastic bonsai-trees (two different kinds even!), fake flowers in white, gold and red, some red plates with matching candle-lights and some very ugly napkins. There was more too, but that's hardly very interesting.

So, as I was saying, I was standing there, unpacking stuff - when a woman parked her kid seated in a shopping-cart next to me and shot off to look at napkins. She clearly didn't mean for me to look after the girl or anything, but the kid looked so incredibly bored I just had to do something. In the back-room of the store we have this large bowl of sweets, so I got her this lemon-caramel called "Fox". Just the second these very grateful, sweaty, children-fingers wrapped themselves tightly around the "Fox", emitting a thin, real "thankyou"; I felt my heart sink heavily.

What if her mother was going to kill me because I gave her child candy? Most parents do not like it when their children accept sweets from strangers, and why would this be any different?
Well, I was wearing a name-tag, but you know what I mean.

The next five minutes I spent half-unpacking wares, half-standing with my heart in my mouth, focusing hard on the little kid and for her to eat up, eat up as quick as possible. I watched with horror that the child was clenching the Fox so hard it was melting and spreading everywhere (this was a child of about three or four I think), but she was, according to her satisfied expression, enjoying it. When licking her little fingers she went all crosseyed, I was about to do the same, because I felt like fainting. And constantly her mother was walking around, my fear increasing steadily.

Suddenly her mother came out of nowhere, she had paid and was ready to leave. I was feeling a bit safer, because the girl was done eating, and was now looking around, out on the world of napkins. But the girl then whispered something to her mother, I could not hear it, and had to pretend like I was working, though I had a hard time focusing on the plastic bonsai trees.

"Did she get sweets off you?" her mother asks me, and I feel terrified to the tip of my toes to my freckled nose. -"Yes" I said, surprisingly calm. "She looked like she could need some". To my astonishment, her mother beamed back at me and winked with one eye.
Then they left.

And I had to sit down on a carboard-box full of red flowers for a bit.


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