Santa Baby

Performed by Marilyn Monroe.

Merry Christmas and enjoy.


teh song has been removed, just in case someone come and track me down and stab me with baby giraffes.

I guess you'll have to go and find the song on youtube or something like that instead, talk with the copyright gentleman in my comments box, he'l probably tell you how to within legal boundaries get your greasy fingers on this song. :)
How can someone claim that a file is illegal though? I simply found the link, I didn't know that it was illegal to link to illegal things from a blog. I thought the internet was a place where you could borrow from others as long as you linked it from it's original habitat. Just like importing monkeys, if you go; but hey! They're from Malaysia, and I have their "birth certificate" (hellooootakethehundredquidIgiveyouhoney). And then you could get away with it just fine.

Seems I was wrong.

And, yes, I did actually run into a page telling me Monroe never did this song, but I owe her some for something, so I thought I'd give her credit for the song anyway. I mean; I heard this urban myth about her being brigher than einstein. I don't know about that, but I don't care either.

Never trust sources on the internet kids! That's what I'm telling you. Wikipedia is ripping you 000ooooooooOO00OOooO0oooooooff

merry teh christmas again.
And sorry about that. :)


Welcome To Dreamsville Records said...

Thank you for enjoying our artist, Cynthia Basinet's "Santa Baby". It was never recorded by Marilyn Monroe.

From the CD, "The Collection" @ iTunes.

Please remove illegal file download.

Happiest of Holidays!

Audun said...


Tora said...

aaah lol :(

And I was enjoying the song so much.


Tora said...

oh, and the version of santa baby playing on C. Basinet's website is different from the one I linked here, did she do several recordings?

In that case, what album could I find the one I linked? Because that is the one I want, I don't want that other one. iTunes keeps giving me the wrong one! aahmaagaad, the day is ruiiineeehd.

Tora said...


the one I had linked was done by Eartha Kitt! not C. Basinet.

well it was still stolen, copyrighted material. *sulks* I will have to find this mythical Eartha Kitt and get her to give me the song LEGALLY this time, mind you.

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